About Us

Fenix Fire Entertainment was founded by Brian and Anna McRae, two experienced game designers with a passion for creating immensely detailed and immersive worlds. Our team is rich in experience from studios like Blizzard, Midway, Double Helix, Omation Entertainment, and High Voltage Software. With over 40 shipped titles and projects under our belt, Fenix Fire is fiercely experienced team.

Title History

Our team members have worked on the follow AAA games and movies:

Mortal Kombat Deception, Psi Ops, Hunter The Reckoning, Hunter The Reckoning Redeemer, NBA Inside Drive, Lilo and Stitch, Disney's Haunted Mansion, Silent Hill Homecoming, GI Joe, StarCraft Ghost, Barnyard (film), Dragon Day (film), Tron, Ghostbusters, Pirates of the Caribbean, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, to name a few…

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Fire Chicken says, “Hello!”

The Fenix Fire Team

Brian McRae   Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

Brian McRae

Founder, CEO, and Creative Director

Brian McRae


Brian has 19 years of experience in the video game industry. After having worked at major AAA game studios Midway Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and High Voltage Software as a Senior/Lead Environment Artist on numerous blockbuster console titles, Brian went onto form his own company, Fenix Fire Entertainment, with his wife and 3D Artist, Anna McRae. In addition to his passion for environment art, Brian is the Lead Programmer and Lead Designer at Fenix Fire, releasing numerous titles for world class brands such as Red Bull, Wow Wee Toys, John Deere, and Chevron, while incubating his own original ideas. These ideas later became Roboto, which launched in 2011 as Apple’s Game of the Week, earning the #7 spot on the App Store, and Osiris: New Dawn, which launched at #1 on Steam in 2016 and is currently in Early Access development.

Brian is also the guitar player in Lords of Rock and co host of the Game Design Dojo Podcast, available on iTunes and Android.

LinkedIn Profile

Talk - Unite 2014 - High End Mobile Development

Buddy McRae   CTO

Buddy McRae



Developer / Engineer

On the battlefield not much of a threat.  But watch out, for when he gets inside your head there is not telling of what lurks ahead.  Also in charge of tech support.

Zera DiMars   Associate Producer

Zera DiMars

Associate Producer


Writer / Community Manager

Working at Fenix Fire, Zera enjoys her role as the Community Manager, as well as writing for the video game, Osiris: New Dawn. While Zera is not busy at work, or homeschooling her son, she is actively writing her next spine-chilling novel/novella.

Steve Palmerton   3D Environment Artist

Steve Palmerton

3D Environment Artist

Steve Palmerton

Senior Artist

My name is Steve Palmerton, I have a bachelor's in Media Arts and Animation and have 10 years experience in the game Industry. I also have experience centered around PC Console and Mobile App development. I've worked on several projects ranging from Online Mobile Games, Tower Defense, and Unforgiving survival Genres Such as Man vs Wild, and Osiris: New Dawn - which I am still currently developing at Fenix Fire Entertainment. If I'm not grinding away at 3D environments and Props, I am back to the tablet with some digital painting.
I try to wear as many hats as I can, and I am willing to learn as many skill sets as possible.

It's just about having fun, learning what you can from your peers - and passing that knowledge on to others.