We're Hiring!

We're always seeking team members who are the Bruce Lees of their trade...real badasses, to be quite frank. While we don't expect you to execute a two-finger push-up, we would ideally like to find people who have innate passion for making games as well as experience in the industry. We would like their fingers of fury to be put to good use on polishing each project to point of near perfection.


Level Designer

Our team is always on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about creating innovative games. Do you geek out over amazing combat experiences, game progression, or environment layout? Do you love modding other games or making extremely fun prototypes? If this sounds like you in a nutshell, please exit said nutshell and hit us up!


Gameplay Programmer

We're always on the lookout for badass programmers to join our team. If you can finesse game systems like a boss, be the Sherlock Homes of identifying mysterious functionality issues and have a serious passion for building amazing game systems and memorable features, please read on...


  • At least 3 years experience as a programmer in the games industry.

  • Good understanding of 3D math.

  • Fluent in C# (and if not, proficient with C++ and willing to learn and adapt to the Unity Engine with C#).

  • Passionate about working on multiple game systems, including player movement, combat, AI, and tools.

  • Comfortable working within an existing codebase and toolset.

  • Comfortable communicating and collaborating with other programmers, tech artists, and designers.

  • Self-motivated.

  • Passionate about playing and making games.


  • Work closely with designers and tech artists to add and polish gameplay features.

  • Expand existing AI framework with unique and interesting behavior and movement.

  • Improve player experience from iteration and polish of player movement, actions, and combat.

  • Create Unity-based tools to assist designers and tech artists.


  • Experience with console development.