We Work & Play Hard

We believe that a company's culture is just as important as the work we do on a daily basis. 'Work-life balance' isn't a random buzz phrase that we use to sound cool (although we do fancy ourselves as pretty rad people). We shun cubicles in favor of an open workspace where interaction and collaboration happen on the regular. We keep plushies on our desks, snacks in the kitchen and board games at the ready. 

We are also big fans of sweating it out together...literally. Weekly workout sessions and walks around the lake are encouraged to keep spirits high and stress levels low. In fact, group fitness training is one of the perks of being a Fenix Fire team member.

This is our home away from home and there's no place like it *as we click our glittery red heels together.*

But since pictures are worth a thousand words, which is 850 words more than you just read, check out our pictures below. 


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