Here’s where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive through Steam, Social Media and our support email.

Q: Why do you have a Beta in an Early Access Game?

Answer: Osiris: New Dawn has been in Steam Early Access for since late 2016. During the past two years we’ve added a lot of new content and features while working with our community of players through this process. However, these features and content began to slow down the game’s performance and began to create memory issues, which has a tendency to cause a ripple effect of other issues, including disconnects in the multiplayer modes. We realized that fixing this problem would require significant project clean up.

The player save data also required an overhaul in order to become absolutely bullet proof, which meant that ALL gameplay objects and multiplayer systems needed to be reworked to fit this new schema.

In order to give ourselves the time while keeping the main game undisturbed we created a Beta branch to allow us to test these features while systematically adding more features that the main branch never received, such as Interplanetary Travel without load screens, Terrain Digging, a complete Map and Compass System showing all your structures and resources, and a full feature Mission System. All these features are currently in the Beta available now on the Steam store page.

Now that we have all that accomplished, we will be systematically adding in the crafting system, expanding the combat system, and multiplayer support. You can view what we’re working on now on the Osiris: New Dawn Roadmap.

Once we have the revised Multiplayer and Crafting systems back in and tested in Beta we will make the Beta the Main branch, and apply further updates from there. This may happen as soon as the next Beta Update.

Q: When will multiplayer be added to the Beta?

Answer: We are working on this now, and most of it is working well. We will release this in the next Beta release. For more info, check out the Osiris: New Dawn Roadmap.

Q: Are you coming to consoles? 

Answer: We would like to, but are focused on making Osiris: New Dawn as good as possible with our Steam Early Access community.

Q: When will we have the complete launch on PC?

Answer: The short answer is: when it’s ready.

Q: Instead of hosting a private server through steam accounts, will we be able to host USING AN IP?

Answer: Server renting and hosting is not recommended or needed to gain any further functionality in Osiris: New Dawn.

Q: Will there be NPC’s in the game?

Answer: Essentially, all the creatures are NPCs. If you’re referring to other humans, we do have some plans for this.

Q: Will there be PVP?

Answer: You will be able to set up your Private Universe as PVP if you like.

Q: Do you have plans for VR support?

Answer: Actually, Osiris: New Dawn started as a VR project many years ago. Since then, the VR code has been left dormant. We recently restored this code and have done some testing to get an idea of what this may take to finish support for VR. You might see this feature pop up on the Roadmap once we merge Beta into the Main branch.

Q: Will you have a Mod ability for the game?

Answer: It’s an interesting thought, but honestly low on our radar at the moment. Please email us with any mod requests you may have.

Q: Will each planet have diverse creatures?

Answer: Yes, we have about 30 creatures made and have designed each to work within an ecosystem based on the conditions for life on each planet and moon.

Q: Will there be buildable spacecrafts?

Answer: Yes, the Laboratory will be getting a major upgrade to allow for large scale fabrication. This will require a huge amount of ability knowledge and resources and will be necessary to build or repair spacecrafts and space stations.

Q: Can we have interior customization within the vehicles or space crafts?

Answer: Yes, the interior of vehicles will soon be getting the same modular treatment that the structure interiors have, allowing you to customize what equipment or crafting tables you would like in your vehicles.

Q: When will you have a variety of different languages?

Answer: We plan on adding Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese languages to the game. Be sure to look for these localizations in our upcoming Roadmap updates.

Q: Will there be controller support?

Answer: We already have some controller support in all versions and will be finishing a good first pass of this in our next Beta Update.

Q: Can you build a space station through modules?

Answer: We are evaluating how to handle the space station modules. One option is to create the modules in the Lab and blast them into space using manned rockets, then build in Low Orbit. Another option is to repair the modules by finding partially destroyed versions left from previous missions. Maybe we’ll try both options. What would you like to see? Contact us here.

Q: Why are you making resources finite?

Answer: Short answer is: Strategy.

If you have infinite “money” it feels like a cheat code - fun at first but fades quickly as there is suddenly very little challenge. It’s also easy to exploit this: build as far as you can, leave the game, come back, and all the resources are back.

Limiting your resources actually adds a lot to the gameplay and gives us as game designers deeper options for a richer gameplay experience. Suddenly, resources found in caves become far more valuable. What about drilling for resources underground? What about sending drones out to an asteroid field to mine in space? All these systems would lose their value if you could simply respawn easily found resources on the ground.

That said, Creative Mode will have this features as an option.

Q: What is the story for the game?

Answer: We have a full story written and will be adding to the game in coming updates.

Q: Can we turn off motion blur?

Answer: This feature is on our list. In fact, we want to add a few graphic options features. We are using the new Unity Post Processing Stack and it behaves a bit differently than in older versions of the engine, requiring a bit of rewrite here.

Q: When will the stable game get an update?

Answer: Either after Beta Update #5 or #6 we will be making the Beta the Main branch, as at that point it will have all the features fully restored AND have all the new features the Beta is getting.

Q: Where is plutonium located?

Answer: Some planets, based on their geological makeup, will have more or less of certain types of natural resources. Plutonium is extremely rare in the universe, but it’s out there!

Q: When will we have crafting back?

Answer: The Crafting system is getting a huge upgrade. During our first year in Early Access we added many crafting Utilities and craftable objects. The issue that we ran into was that there was far too much overlap between the crafting Utilities which led to some missed gameplay strategy opportunities and lots player frustration.

The new Repair and Power system will be adding a lot to the crafting system, and all crafting Utilities will soon have specific uses and require specific resources for their builds. This will give a cleaner design to your base building, UNE missions, and eventually found equipment from earlier explorations.

We will also be adding more craftable items to the crafting Utilities, so you’ll have more variety in your crafting, and therefore more strategy. We may do away with ingots and replace them with alloys, which is more scientific.

My question isn’t here…

If your question is not listed on this FAQ please reach out to us here. We really appreciate your support for Osiris: New Dawn!