New Beta Released - Interplanetary Travel is Here

OK, we didn't quite get everything in we wanted, but we did make a valiant effort since our Twitchcon Demo in November. Available now as an Open Beta, please feel free to check out our new Explorer build.

We've been working with a small group of players from the community who have given us invaluable feedback and notes, namely ReaPeR and ThatGuyFuryan, to work out some of the kinks on the new travel mechanics, which we think will greatly expand the game.

Before getting into the build notes, a word about our roadmap. In order to get this kind of space travel working without load screens we've had to roll back to a much earlier version of the project. This has allowed us to migrate over to a new version of Unity, optimize the code base, and rework the save data and put in a new multiplayer back end system, in addition to all the new features in this Beta.

Now that we have a clean code base we will be migrating back in features since Early Access launch while expanding the gameplay and mechanics. We will also be adding features from the Twitch Demo and the Experience builds cleanly while maintaining high performance. Once we add in these features we will make this Beta the main build and continue to update from there.

We also want to share with you where the game is going in general, so that you have a clear idea of our goals for Osiris: New Dawn.



1. Spaceship spawn points - player now begins in the spaceship interior on all starting worlds

2. Resources have been added to all worlds

3. Creatures have been added to all worlds (if world can harbor life)

4. Terrain seems have been fixed on Gemini and Lutari

5. Bloom and Post Processing has been adjusted on all worlds

6. Mech entering has been fixed

7. Rover entering has been fixed

8. Player is no longer in "God Mode", and must gather proper resources to build

9. Entering atmosphere has been improved on each world

10. Flight height has been adjusted so that the player has time to react to terrain when entering a world

To Do

1. Add Spaceship HUD and User Interface. We didn't quite get to this on this build.

2. Improved Map and Locator System.

3. World specific creatures and hazards.

Known Issues

1. This Beta is not yet balanced. We had to go to earlier code base in order to get planet travelling and frame rate improvements. Now that we have a clean code base we will add back features since EA launch.

2. Structure building includes all fragments, or walls. This is temporary. It will go back to building frames.

3. Customizable structures have not been added back in.

4. Many utilities have not been added back in.

5. Mission and Map system are being reworked and will be added back in a much more improved way.

6. Forge is untextured, this is temporary.

7. Many vehicle interiors are untextured, this is temporary.

8. Multiplayer is currently disabled, this is temporary. We have a much stronger back end for multiplayer and an improved Private Universe system that will be released soon.

9. Stamina does not go down all the way, this is a bug.

10. Some players are reporting Depository not saving data.