Osiris: New Dawn - Roadmap And Latest Developments

New Creature AI will allow for intelligent flocking behaviors in certain types of creatures.

It’s been a couple of weeks since Beta Update #4 went out and we’ve been firing on all cylinders here at Fenix Fire. With much of the groundwork laid down from the last update we’ve been able to focus on some areas that have needed attention for a while now: Multiplayer, AI, Combat, Repair System, and Power System. As if that wasn’t enough, we also decided to tackle some “quality of life” features such as Key Binding and Controller Support.

Multiplayer development has been going really well. We have a new back end fully functional that we have full control over. This is a big improvement over the current cloud based solution as network “noisy neighbors” can lead to disconnects. We hope that this issue is now a thing of the past.


Steam Friends

Easily invite your friends into your Colony or Mission.

With the addition of Steam Friend support we now have the groundwork to have Colony invites and Esport style play sessions, leading to a Brand New Multiplayer Mode…..drum roll please…..Mission Mode!

These Missions will be Co Op Missions that are very focused by the U.N.E. and can include building and fortifying a base before a catastrophic storm hit, defending your outpost against a swarm of hungry indigenous creatures, or a locating a lost droid before its power runs out and you’ve lost its signal. The best part is we have been testing this in multiplayer now in our testing environment, meaning that this feature is coming along nicely.


Wind Turbine

New ways of harvesting power and coming in Beta Update #5.

The Power System will add a lot of strategy to your builds. You will need to properly power all your base equipment if you want to use it, or enter Structures. What’s cool is that we’re creating a system that allows you to overdrive certain Utilities to have them work at 200% capacity, essentially giving certain items a boost at the cost of power consumption. Of course, you’ll need to make sure you’re getting a steady stream of power, or else you’ll be in rough shape.

The Repair System adds depth to each buildable. When an object is damaged or has a warning, you’ll need to investigate what the issue might be. Odds are it will be one of its interior components, which lead to the new PARTS categary of buildables. Essentially all Structures, Utilities, and Interior Equipment will use Parts, and parts will be made from items created in your 3D Printer, Forge, Furnace, Cham Lab and Work Bench.


Navigation Meshes

Allow for much better Path Finding.

All this has been coming along nicely, but the most fun by far is our new AI Behavior Tree system. We are now designing Creature Specific, Planet Specific Behaviors on a per Species Basis, meaning each life form will have it’s own Behavior Style.

The first thing we added is an A* Pathfinding algorithm which allows for AI to find a “path” around obstacles in order to get to it’s desired destination. The best part is we’re using this same system for the Droids too! Gone are the days of your OMPA getting stuck behind a rock!


New Creature AI

Creatures can now See, Smell and Hear you and anything you have in your base.

The new Creature AI will allow for certain creatures to Smell, See, and Hear you and anything that you own. Creatures will even be able to smell what kinds of metals you have in your Depositories! We can’t give away what sort of gameplay this will yield, but be ready. They’re coming.

Be sure to check out our new Roadmap for the latest developments by the team as we gear up to finish Beta Update #5. BTW, we just finished this today: