Beta Update #5 Available Now!

Screenshot (728).png

Phew, that was a big update! We'd like to dedicate this update to the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing. We probably watched "First Man" 16 times since Beta 5 ;)

New Features

  • New 3D Inventory System

  • New Contextual Interact System

  • Power Distributor

  • Wind Turbine

  • Geothermal Plant

  • Nuclear Reactor

  • Fusion Reactor

  • 4 Way Hallway

  • T Intersection Hallway

  • Glass Hallway

  • Laser Cutter Tool

  • Contextual Minimal UI and HUD

  • Base Building Improvements

  • Automatic Ground Deformation

  • Utility Panel System

  • Power Routing System

  • Improved Redicle System

  • Graphics Settings

  • New Zone: Gemini Site B

  • Key Binding

  • Item Throwing

  • Lots of minor fixes and improvements

Available Now

The updates is available now on Steam on our Open Beta branch. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have building it!