Osiris: New Dawn

Uncompromising Open Universe Survival

Explore The Planet And Beyond: Discover what both wonders and horrors inhabit the alien planets and collect resources for crafting and building, in order to survive the dangers within the Gliese 581 system.

Multiplayer, Colonies, and Single Player Modes

Defend against threatening alien species and work together with your friends in Multiplayer to build a prospering colony - or brave it all  on your own in Single Player Mode.

First Person and Third Person Camera Systems

Play Your Way: Set your preferred POV to either First Person or Third Person to enhance gameplay as you defend against threatening alien species and attacks from other online players - or to simply craft, build, and discover.

Land Vehicles

If you can craft it - you can drive it.Travel across the each planet within your Land Vehicle.

Space Vehicles

Travel by spaceflight to each planet and brave the dangers of the uncharted paths within the Gliese 581 system.

Near Future Extra planetary Structures and Utilities

Build structures for shelter from the harsh planetary conditions while using a host of utilities and useful equipment to build, repair, and craft your way to survival.

Drones and robots

With the help of Drones and Robots, you will be able to locate and gather resources more strategically, as well as defend not only yourself, but your habitat.

Regular Updates

Receive regular updates as Osiris: New Dawn continues to advance and increase new developments and features for gratifying gameplay.

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