Houston, we have a problem…

Technical Issues are ALWAYS fun - said no one ever! But due to the emergent nature of video game development bugs will and do happen.  If you happen to experience any of these, we have a great support team that you can reach out to for assistance in resolving any issues.


We classify technical issues in four categories: Critical, Progression Stopper, Minor, and Feature Request.

Critical technical issues can be trouble launching the game, problems running the game, resolution issues, or game crashes. We also consider any lost save data as critical.

If you are experiencing a Critical bug, please supply the following information, and a member on our support team will get back to you shortly.

  1. Type “Critical Bug” in the support email subject

  2. Operating System (ex: Windows 10)

  3. Hardware CPU speed in GHz (ex: 4.2)

  4. Graphics Card (ex: Nvidia GeForce 1070)

  5. Memory Amount in GB (ex: 12GB)

  6. Available Hard Drive Space in GB

Progression Stopper bugs limit your advancement through the game. Examples of these are crafting tables not allowing you to build an item despite having all the ingredients and ability prerequisites. Another example is a planet or location not loading. If you experience something like this please contact our support with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing.

Minor bugs are the most common. This could include strange teleporting of assets in multiplayer, creatures floating, camera collision issues, and player collision issues. If you find bugs like these please report them with to our support team so we can make a log of these issues.

For Progression Stoppers and Minor bugs please supply the following information:

  1. Type “Progression Stopper or Minor Bug” in the support email subject

  2. Desired/expected outcome

  3. Actual outcome as experienced in the game

Feature Requests are not bugs, they are considered features that are not in the game or planned features that have yet to be developed and implemented into the game. A common misconception occurs when players assume a missing feature is a bug. This is actually not true as a bug is an implemented feature working incorrectly where a feature request is new content or functionality that is not currently present in the game.

That said, we invite you as Early Access patrons to suggest Feature Requests directly to us! We strongly feel that this is the best part and true nature of the spirit of Steam Early Access and love it when our players share their experiences with us and ways we can improve the experience. Disclaimer - we can’t promise that we’ll put your feature request in, but we do listen to all requests every day and is an integral part of our daily development schedule.

If you have a Feature Request, you can also send it to our support team:

  1. Type “Feature Request” in the support email subject

  2. Write your request as clearly and as best you can. Clearly written requests have the best chance of implementation.

  3. Explain how this will help the overall experience. Requests should add strategy, depth, choice, and actions to the game. Requests to make the game “easier”, such as more ammo, less oxygen consumption, more minerals, faster movement, etc, could be added to Creative Mode options - but adding these requests and simplifying the game would take away from our initial goal, which is to make the game a hard science fiction and challenging survival experience, within an uncompromising solar system - the very essence of what makes Osiris: New Dawn what it is.

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