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Fenix Fire Influencer Program

What is the Fenix Fire Influencer Program?

Fenix Fire is actively looking to build long lasting relationships with streamers and influencers who are fans of Osiris: New Dawn.

Who would be a good fit?

We would love to connect with streamers who already have played or stream Osiris: New Dawn. Streamers who are interested in applying must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an established streaming channel and social channels.

  • Stream on a regular, consistent basis.

  • Foster a positive community.

How would this program benefit you?

The Fenix Fire Influencer Program offers many benefits to its members:

  • Closed Beta access.

  • Direct contact and communication with the Fenix Fire team.

  • Cross promotion of Osiris: New Dawn content on our social channels.

  • Get a really cool Scientist hoodie for FREE!

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